The Cave Wine Storage . 711 East Broadway . Glendale, CA 91205


Locker Measurements Overview.

Because The Cave is built into the existing architecture of the Hotel, there are small variations in sizes.

There are also anomalies, oddballs, and quirks, and an adventurous person could score one of these lockers. You generally get more space for the same price as a standard locker. For it, though, you may need to be a little bit spry or creative.

This, for instance, is an 18-case locker that actually holds over twenty cases. Its owner recently moved into a more adventurous 24-case locker that actually holds about 30 cases.

Curves, corners, crevices.

12-case locker measurements.

This is a standard 12-case locker. It is essentially a 24-case locker halved.

It's about 41.5" tall...

...about 28" deep...

...and about 27" wide.

18-case locker measurements

This is a standard 18-case locker. Like the 24-case locker it is 80" tall.

It is about 33.5" deep...

...and about 19" wide.

24-case locker measurements

This is a standard 24-case locker

24 case (and 18 case) lockers are 80" tall.

...about 27" wide...

...and about 27" deep.

Is it cold in there?

Yes, it's between 55 and 58 degrees 24-7. I'm freezing. When it's over a hundred degrees outside come visit; I'll be the one with the sweater on.

Do you have tastings?

The Cave is zoned for storage only.

Do you have a handtruck?

We have: handtrucks, step stool, ladder, flashlight, hammer - all the stuff.

I want to rent a locker. What do I need for that?

1. Wine

2. Valid drivers license

3. Check book or money order

4. Padlock.

Where do I mail my renewal check and lease?

The Cave
711 East Broadway
Glendale, CA

Who do I make my check out to?

ICO Glendale Flats, LLC.  

What are my payment options?

Sorry, The Cave accepts checks or money orders only.

Can I get into The Cave on short-term notice?

Almost always.

You can get into The Cave anytime with advance notice. The best way to secure entry beyond posted hours is to call The Cave during regular business hours and make an appointment. 818-242-5192 -Wed - Sun, 2-7 pm.

In addition to this, there is the super-secret bat phone option, and that phone number is 818-359-5182. Because I live in the building, if I'm around you're as good as in. There is always the possibility that I may be out or otherwise unavailable, so your best bet is advance notice. But give it a shot, it's been pretty successful so far.

Never an early-by-nature riser, after noon increases your chances.

(If you call at 8 a.m. thinking you might get in at nine, probably not, but if you call during business hours the day before and want to get in at nine, no problem.)

This is a complimentary service.

Can I get into The Cave at other times?


You can make an appointment to get into The Cave beyond posted hours.

Your best bet is to call at least a day in advance during business hours. The Cave phone number is 818-242-5192.

What are your hours?

The Cave is open Wednesday - Sunday, 2-7 pm,

...and by appointment.

Where are you located?

The Cave's address is 711 East Broadway, Glendale CA, 91205

It is at the intersection of Broadway and Glendale, on the northeast corner.

The Cave is in the basement of The Hotel Glendale, and is accessible by a subterranean driveway that leads down to the back of the building. The entrance to this driveway is on Broadway.